Grapefruit Graphics operates a Sustainability Management System that conforms to BS8901 Sustainability is a key factor that influences how we operate as a company, as we recognise that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment.

Sustainability is transforming the competitive landscape we work in and forcing people and companies to change the way they think about products, processes and business models. We firmly believe that with sustainability as part of our goals today, we are developing in leaps and bounds and leaving our competitors behind.

Grapefruit Graphics Ltd is proud to have been operating a Sustainability Management System that conforms to BS8901 since July 2011. This standard shares common management system principles and processes with the ISO 9001 standard on Quality Management and the ISO 14001 Standard on Environmental Management.

BS 8901 requires organisations to understand the sustainability issues relevant to their event(s) and to put in place measures to control and minimise these impacts. It requires organisations to aspire to continually improve their sustainability performance in relation to the management of events.

Our continued development is seeing us in the final stages of converting our BS8901 status into ISO20121.